About Us

 Dr. Mark Valinsky, the founder of Valinsky  Media Group initially pursued a successful career in science and  medicine, however he has been always been fascinated by the arts and  entertainment fields from a young age.

He earned three separate  Board Certificates and a professorship in Podiatry practicing in the  Chicagoland area prior to coming to California. He developed a  successful medical career that took him lecturing worldwide. Dr.  Valinsky is a published author of 8 research papers and has produced,  videographed and edited 12 instructional medical videos.

In  addition to his published papers and teaching videos, Dr. Valinsky  photographed some of rock and roll’s classic groups such as The Rolling  Stones, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull and more.

While in Chicago  knowing that his ultimate goal was moving to Hollywood Dr. Valinsky was  taking acting lessons, submitting headshots and established ValCom Media  Inc, now Valinsky Media Group.

Once here in “Hollywood” he was  able to achieve his Screen Actors Guild credentials within a relatively  short period of time. Also using his photography and professional skills  he worked independently and well as with a few photography agencies to  cover many prestigious red carpet and celebrity events capturing the  images of many film and television A- List celebrities including Academy  Award and Emmy winning talent.
Dr. Valinsky continues to follow and develop his dreams and passions within the arts and entertainment fields.

Valinsky  Media Group has a number of independent divisions integrated in the  production of film, television and event production with additional  divisions in Finance, Talent Management, Marketing and Public Relations,  Videography and Photography.

Additional information about Dr. Valinsky can be found at

Involved  in the production of film and television with additional divisions in  Talent Management, Marketing and Public Relations, Videography and  Photography